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Intruder found

This sci-fi environment was created inside Unreal Engine 4. With this project I wanted to push the storytelling of an environment.

The player goes inside the communication room of the spaceship, and he/she finds out an intruder has been there.

From the color of the blood, the intruder seem to be an alien. The communication devices have just been used.

The alien escaped through the air vent, throwing a slime bomb behind to prevent people from following him / her. The slime created by those bombs is illegal technology that makes organic stuff that will hurt anybody who gets near it.

The security camera is broken, there's some glass on the floor.
While creating the different props, I also thought about the story behind this place. Is it a room where people work everyday? Yes. Therefore I created some backstory for the employees too.

When working on this, as I had more confidence in creating materials in UE4, I tried to create materials that were more complicated, such the animated ones for the screen or the weird alien substance on the air vent.

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